Traveling with Kids – Eric Stoen

Written by: Greg Cayea

February 16, 2020

How to Travel When You Have Kids and a Family – Episode 3: The Ultimate Travel Dad

Some travelers are the real deal, some “influencers” are the real deal. Generally it seems like the people who have a genuine care for helping those around them end up more influential than those that proclaim life should be something other than it is. Eric Stoen is the real deal influencer… not cause he gives a shit about his IG followers or blog traffic, but cause he cares about his family and his children. I mean, he’s ALWAYS traveling with kids (his kids) and it’s because of that I believe he has inspired so many people to ALSO travel with their kids.

Forbes named him the fourth most influential traveler of our time… and I gotta say, I can’t disagree.

Now, I’m 35 at the time of this writing–life keeps ticking–and I have no kids so when I bump into friends with kids or see one at a cafe, I have no idea what to do, let alone how to take one to Antarctica. In fact, one of the reasons I was so against relationships and kids my whole life is because I always felt like it would inhibit my ability to travel. Speaking to Eric completely changed my thought process on that.

In fact, ever since the podcast recording, I have seen so many other people traveling with kids and traversing the world with full-time jobs and families. Seems like Eric opened my eyes to the possibility and now everywhere I look I see dads taking a weekend trip to Norway or trekking one state of the AT.

This man is the ultimate Travel Dad and I implore you to listen to the whole episode cause man… this dude is practical as fuck. Now I need to find the ultimate Travel Mom to speak to.

Here is the episode with Eric Stoen… The Ultimate Travel Dad

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