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Want to escape the desk job, travel the world, and make money while doing it? The Secret to Travel Writing will walk you through exactly how to take adventurous journeys all over the world, and cash in on the wonderful experiences you’ll have along the way.

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Are all your days blending together? You need a BIG adventure to shake things up! What if every day was another adventure? That’s the life of a travel writer and that’s why we developed The Secret to Travel Writing system… so you can take that leap today with a formulaic path to success… I mean, if not now, then when?

Especially if…

…you’re feeling a bit unorganized or not quite sure what you want, cause yeah, been there… quite a few times actually.

Free spirits like us sometimes have too many passions to follow… it can be confusing. Chase two rabbits and you won’t catch either one, right?

So what do we do? Well what if you could combine ALL your passions at the same time while exploring the world on your own agenda?

The Secret to Travel Writing is all about following your passions while traveling, whether it be food or yoga or snowboarding or national parks. You’ll get to a point where you feel focused, organized, and successful.

Hi, I’m Greg, and I’ll be your instructor. 

A little bit about me… I’ve been traveling the world since I was fourteen years-old. I began my career hitchhiking the country, hopping on random buses to wherever, and eventually graduated to plane fare. I now hold the Guinness World Record for Longest Journey by Car in a Single Country, host the Vagabond Secrets Podcast, wrote a couple books, and have contributed to various media publications as a travel writer. 

My adventures have been featured in many places, some of them listed below…

Okay enough about me… I’m here to break down a few false beliefs that have plagued the media industry for years. The myth is this:

You have to know people = WRONG

You need a portfolio = WRONG

You need a degree = WRONG

When I started I knew nobody, I had no portfolio (just a blog that nobody was reading), and I never even graduated high school. All I had were my experiences and stories to tell…

And I’ll tell you this: That was enough.

That’s all you need, and I’m going to show you how this all works.


Course Objectives & Outcomes

How to Sell Your Travel Stories to Major Media Outlets

You want to be able to cash in on all the adventures you’re taking, but there’s a method to the madness. That’s what you’ll learn inside the course.


Where should you go? What should you do? These questions play an important part in your travel writing career.


Pitching the media

You’ll learn how to find the right editors to pitch, and what to say when you email them for the first time.

How to negotiate your fees

You need to get paid—and get paid well. That’s why you need a system to negotiate with clients and editors to always get a fair fee.

Scheduling Your Trips

Don’t just set off on your next adventure until you learn WHEN the optimal time to leave actually is…


Headline Hacking

Headlines sell the article, that’s why we have an entire module dedicated to choosing the right headline.


Write Compelling Stories (That'll Sell)

You’ll learn how to take your readers on a journey to the unknown no matter where you travel using our secret travel writing framework.

Ready to go?

By the way…

How long have you wanted to travel the world and nothing has happened? There’s probably a trip that’s been on your to-do list for the last decade and now time is slipping by and nothing is happening.

Well, one of the biggest hurdles to traveling the world is time and money. You have no time and have no money. What if there was a way to get both time AND money? Not only that, what if that solution REQUIRED you to have fun and travel the globe whenever you wanted?

Not a bad pre-requisite, right?

The Secret to Travel Writing is a 9-module writing intensive that’ll walk you through our secret— but proven—step-by-step method for how to travel the world and make money while doing it; writing stories about your journey and taking photos along the way (for money).


Maybe you’re ALREADY traveling, or have no desire to necessarily travel more… but you’re spinning your wheels and your content is going to waste.

…churning out art, articles, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, freelance gigs, SEO tactics, marketing stuff, sponsorships… ahhh! It’s so exhausting!

I mean…

Creativity needs to be loud and seen. Are you taking great photographs with nobody looking at them? Writing fantastic blog posts without any recognition? Podcasting with no listeners? Holding workshops with few attendees?

That’s because in order to become known in your business you need to establish a brand that NOBODY can ignore.

Your brand name needs to not only be in demand, but revered. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with social media. The secret art of self-promotion is done by grabbing the spotlight all on your own with one simple idea.

That’s what the Secret to Travel Writing is all about. You MUST get your portfolio out of obscurity and into the public eye today.

Not to mention…

Missing the fun in your life? Glued to your phone? We can all relate… and it’s not only not fun, but it’s addictive and seriously depressing. Travel is the best way to break away from that.

The Secret to Travel Writing is a system to get you off your phone and out into the world, one adventure at a time THEN getting paid to write about it!

The best part is you can do this whether you’re a ski instructor, yoga teacher, park ranger, blogger, fashion influencer, artist, model, musician… anything you love to do, here is how to travel and write about it. Build a life you can be proud of.


If you’re feeling like your career is at a standstill and you’re focusing on too many things… If you’re worried about a million moving parts, stop. That can be VERY stressful and eventually, you’ll burn out.

But what if you could stop worrying about affiliate marketing, building an email list, SEO, social media, followers, likes, posts, ads, and all that marketing stuff that really gets in the way of writing about what you truly love?

The Secret to Travel Writing will get you closer to the life you’ve always dreamt of having. It’s based on the premise that there’s no time to be self-critical, judge others, or be envious of the life you truly want. Get it now.


Inside the Course

Module 1

Choosing Your First Adventure

Travel Writing is just about keeping a journal of your experiences and expecting to sell them to magazine outlets; that simply won’t work. There’s a secret formula that we’ll use to launch your career, and we’ll go over this in the first module.

Module 2

Building Your Travel Brand

Brand building is the core element of your business that’ll allow you to build equity the more you write, rather than continuously having to prove yourself to new editors over and over. You want people to begin to take notice of who you are. 

Module 3

The Secret Email Formula

How to build your media contact list full of hundreds of top-tier contacts in less than 24 hours with ONE email.

Module 4

Building Your  Pitch System

The more ideas you pitch out to the media, the more articles get written, the more money you make, the bigger your brand gets, and the easier this all becomes. But you need a system to make this all like clockwork.

Module 5

How to Compose the Perfect Pitch

Once you’ve got your media list and everybody knows who you are, you’ve begun building your brand and your pitch system is in place, you need to know how to write the perfect pitch.

Module 6

10X Your Press

A secret system to create ten times more buzz around your adventures, get ten times more SEO, ten times more fame, and get a few articles about you to go viral.

Module 7

Getting Published – Headline Hacking

Once everything is put in place, you’ll be ready to begin building your publishing portfolio. This module walks you through from A → Z how to go from no idea what to write about to an editor saying “YES!”

Module 8

Negotiating and Getting Paid

What do you do when an editor says yes? How do you negotiate your fee? How long do you have to submit your first draft? What if they say no?! WHAT DO I WRITE? All this is laid out in Module 8.

Module 9

The Art of Travel Writing – How to Write Compelling Travel Stories

How do you write travel stories that will not only sell, but be compelling at the same time? This module provides a framework to work within to ensure your travel articles follow best travel writing practices.

Case Studies


You will get access to case studies of email exchanges the instructor had with major publications, such as ELLE, Playboy, USA Today and other media outlets to see exactly how the article was secured–from the first email to the published article.

If you’re feeling like nobody cares about your creative work, you might be right.

But that’s about to change.

Let’s connect you with your audience so they DO care about your work and you ARE able to impact their lives in the way you always hoped you would.

That’s what the Secret to Travel Writing is all about. There’s no time to wait. Don’t let the days trickle into months, then years, soon decades—until it’s too late. Be YOU today.


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Dude. This is incredible. I’m so fucking honored to find this. This is nectar like Tony Robbins but it’s for such a specific thing and you can really advertise this holistically and honorably because it could save people so much money.

Daniel McCollister

 Found of CropSwap

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