The Drifter Chronicles – Runaway Teen Memoir

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The troubling yet hilarious tale of how Greg Cayea was sent to the most notorious “therapeutic boarding school” in America, what it was like before it was shut down, how he escaped, and the tale of his runaway.


A modern Kerouacian misadventure following the path of true events. Greg's gut-wrenching and incredibly accurate look into the psyche of an adolescent take us on a harrowing journey, from suburban Long island, to rehabs around the country, to the gnarliest "therapeutic boarding school" you've ever heard of. His tale of underground survival on the streets and other extreme institutions that many at-risk youth are sent to is filled with descriptions and secret details about the search for freedom at all costs. A wild ride and inside perspective on America's bizarre--often failed--systems for rehabilitating troubled youth, and a real eye opener written with candor, humor and pathos. His incredible narrative of perseverance, ingenuity, and pure survival will leave you laughing out loud one minute, on the verge of tears the next, and shaking your head at another.

No Direction Home is the first volume of The Drifter Chronicles series, Cayea's personal, disturbing, at times surprisingly hilarious tale of a lost teenage soul on an almost unbelievable, crazy, f***ed up adventure told with emotional depth, chaos and comedy.