Guinness World Record Traveler – Emilio Scotto

Written by: Greg Cayea

October 22, 2019

The Guinness World Record for Longest Motorcycle Ride in the World

This man is my hero, and not just because of his Guinness World Record, or the fact that he drove 500,000 miles on the same bike… When I say Emilio Scotto is the most interesting traveler with the most insane story I’ve ever heard, I’m putting my podcast when my mouth is because you’re in for a damn treat. I never knew I had someone to look up to till I met Emilio. I feel fairly confident in saying he is the most badass biker dude on the planet.

Even Danell Lynn would agree with me (episode 2 on The Vagabond Secrets Podcast), and she broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Journey by Motorcycle in a Single Country–I should say beating my record of Longest Journey by Car in a Single Country! She did about 50,000 miles alone! I only did 36,000 with my ex-girlfriend!

But here’s the thing about Emilio. He rode his bike 500,000 miles nonstop during the course of ten years and went to war-torn countries in the middle east and in Africa and visited every country but five. That’s why he holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Journey by Motorcycle, period. I don’t think anybody will ever top him.

Craziest Travel Story in the World

When Emilio was a kid, he wanted to be the first man to go to the moon. But Buzz and Neil and that other guy beat him, so he said fine. Buzz has the moon, but I have the world. So he quit his job in working for Pfizer at thirty-years-old in 1985 to travel what ended up being the longest ever motorcycle journey ever recorded: A 500,000 mile trip over the span of ten years, taking him to every country in the world, minus five… which five? That remains a secret. At the end of his road trip tale, he would return home a legend and speak alongside Buzz Aldrin on a panel of explorers that conquered the world.

Along his way to conquering the world he bumped into Muhammed Ali in Los Angeles, but it was by accident. “You traveled from Argentina to LA on that bike, huh?” Ali said—something along those lines. “Well that makes you crazier than me…” and he gave him a fifty dollar bill. “Fill up the tank on me.”

But that was in the very beginning of his trip, before he met the Pope, the Dali Lama, before he was tortured in Liberia and chased by Somalian pirates, before he converted to Islam and was given a muslim name to enter the Middle East. Before he negotiated a deal with the Chinese government to write flattering words about them in travel magazines in exchange for a visa… No, Muhammad Ali was only the beginning.

Yeas later he traveled to Africa and went to all forty countries before escaping war-torn Somalia to arrive in Kuwait by boat…That boat had a very dark history, but at the time, it was just a boat. Her name (the boat) was _____________, that’s right… But I don’t want to spoil the story because nobody can tell it like Emilio tells it. His animation is captivating. This will be the craziest shit you’ve ever heard….

Buy this guy’s book immediately: “The Longest Ride” here

Go on one of his famous motorcycle tours here

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