Badass Biker Chick – Danell Lynn

Written by: Greg Cayea

February 6, 2020

This biker chick rode her motorcycle alone all over America for 50,000 miles

You know those people you find online and just wanna meet right away? Like you gotta talk to em somehow? Well, when I found out that Danell Lynn had a cooler Guinness World Record than I did, I had to talk to her. So I sent her a bunch of friend requests but never got through to her…

Then one day I commented on her Instagram post that said “DID YOU SEE THAT EMAIL I SENT?” But I had never sent an email… So, when she wrote back

“What email?”

I sent it off right away and she saw it, and finally I was able to get her on the show. Not only is she a badass biker chick but has one of the kindest hearts in biker history. She rode her motorcycle 50,000 miles, which is 15,000 more miles than I drove my car for my record, and that makes her infinitely cooler than I am.

She also got a “Motivation Monday” article on Guinness’s website, and they never gave me one of those. Haters… Anyway, get ready to hear some quotable shit.

Anyway, I chatted with her and this is our talk: coming soon

Visit Danell’s website

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